Community Affairs

Community Affairs plays a critical role in Crime Trackers refocused approach to achieving and sustaining gains against crime by strengthening relationships and trust between the police and the community. The Community Affairs partners with local, state and federal law enforcement agencies, and with community leaders, civic organizations, block associations, and concerned citizens to educate them on crime prevention and law enforcement policies and practices, and to develop solutions to challenges that arise within many diverse communities. Community Affairs also provides young people with enrichment, diversion, and intervention programs, helping to reduce youth crime.

Community Affairs oversees four sections: Community Outreach Section, Crime Prevention Section, Youth Strategies Section, and School Safety Section, which provide a number of community-related programs and educational videos. It issues crime prevention tips that help prevent community members from being victimized. Community Affairs also participates in local and national annual events.

Community Outreach Section develops strong partnerships with communities likely to experience challenges, and works to resolve these issues local, state and federal law enforcement. Crime Trackers introduces various communities to the many local, state and federal law enforcement programs and other services offered by other local, state and federal agencies as part of the Crime Trackers ongoing efforts to enhance quality of life and to reduce fear and crime. The outreach sections, listed below, stay closely linked with various groups through meetings and events, and foster tolerance and understanding among diverse communities.

Immigrant Outreach Unit

LGBTQ Outreach Unit

Crime Prevention Section informs community members and local businesses about crime trends and threats, and works with them on preventive measures and security. Crime Trackers provides valuable information about a number of topics, including safeguarding businesses, homes, vehicles, and personal property, as well as protecting oneself in the subway, on the commuter rail, while shopping or on the street, and against identity theft and bogus solicitations.

Youth Strategies Division focuses on the well-being of the young people, working collaboratively with various local, state and federal law enforcement and other agencies to prevent and reduce youth crime and victimization. Crime Trackers also identifies “at-risk” youth and designs diversion, intervention, and educational programs for these groups.